Spring 2023


My Writings

Dear Reader

As I reflect on the work included in my ENGW-103 class portfolio, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my writing with you. This class has challenged me to think critically, write persuasively, and communicate effectively. Well, here's my diverse collection of analyses, arguments, and reflections on topics ranging from pop culture to social issues.

Feb 21, 2023

"Reagan" by Killer Mike

Michael Santiago Render (born April 20, 1975), better known by his stage name Killer Mike, is an American rapper.

May 12, 2023

Comparing Views on Same-Sex Marriage

Juxtaposing Macklemore's 'Same Love' with the Westboro Baptist Church's controversial song, this essay delves into the heart of music's power to mirror the divisive debate on same-sex marriage and LGBTQ+ rights.

Jan 22, 2023

Women Rhetoricians

Beyoncé's 'Formation' is a powerful womanist anthem that addresses many socital issues.

Feb 13, 2023

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole

Exploring the Depths of Racial Struggles and the Call for Justice in Kendrick Lamar's 'To Pimp a Butterfly' and J. Cole's 'Be Free'.

Feb 3, 2023

Rhetorical Analysis of "Run the World (Girls)"

Beyoncé's 'Run the World (Girls)' is more than just a catchy tune; it's a bold declaration of female empowerment.

"They Say/I Say" By Cathy Birkinstein and Gerald Graff

Howard University Nepalese Student Association strives to promote awareness about Nepalese culture and tradition through various activities.

Apr 17, 2023

Historic Impact of Racism

Exploring Racial Inequity and Healing: 'The Case for Reparations' by Ta-Nehisi Coates and 'Black Bodies, White Gazes' by George Yancy

May 12, 2023

DNA Roots

On a cold winter morning in 2018, a phone call beckoned me to the ancestral village of Mai Pokhari, a place where the past whispered in every corner.

Mar 3, 2023

Violent Games and Children

Are violent video games just harmless fun, or is there a darker side to the digital battles played out on screens across the world?